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  • This is an integrated network access control solution that supports client based wire and wireless LAN security authentication system and clientless based web authentication system, under the wireless LAN environment where move and access is enabled, and under the wire LAN environment where access control system is absent.

  • Smart NAC is the most suitable MAC solution under the distributed wire/wireless environment that requires the powerful and integrated security.

  • Smart NAC is the only one wire/wireless integrated network access control solution in Korea.

    • Instead of the in-line mode that requires changing of the network configuration, it implements the isolation/permission/blockage policy using the vInfra (virtual infrastructure) method that requires no changing in the network configuration.
    • It supports both the Clientless and Client NAC methods.
    • It is the 3
         generation wire/wireless integrated NAC complementing the security vulnerability of the 1
         generation NAC (IP management system/802.1xswitch/802.1xwireless LAN authentication) and 2
         generation NAC (wire NAC/wireless NAC).
    • Establishment of the integrated security authentication system through the wire/wireless user and terminal authentication
    • Enhanced internal network security by blocking the distribution of worm virus and illegal hacking
    • Improved reliability in IT services by protecting against collision of network equipment and server IPs
    • Enhanced administrator work efficiency through the security policy process such as the user/IP/MAC authentication and terminal integrity policy
    • Solving problems associated with IPv6 internal security by possessing the network security solution ready for the IPv6 conversion

    Establishment of the integrated security authentication system

  • Smart NAC supports the NAC configuration independent to network equipment by use of the vInfra technology that requires no change in the network configuration. It is configured in such a way that failure in the NAC equipment does not lead to network failure.

    Policy Manager Policy Enforcement Agent Policy Client
    PM 1000
    PM 2000
    PM 3000
    PM 5000
    PM 10000S
    PEA 30
    PEA 70
    PEA 100
    ~ 1,000 User ~ 2,000 User ~ 3,000 User ~ 5,000 User ~ 10,000 User ~50Client
    Wire/wireless integrated supplicants